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Meet The Crew

Lee Bice

Founder / Father

Miles Bice

Founder / Son

Our Vision

Like Father, like Son. Bice and Company began with Lee's curiosity and experimentation, as he started repurposing old baseball bats to create unique and functional products. Most of the used and broken baseball bats came from Miles career. He played all through high school and started at Dixie State University all four years. Through those many years, there were countless broken bats which gave Lee the inventory to get started.

Meanwhile, Miles found joy in leather working as a hobby, honing his skills and craftsmanship. Recognizing their shared passion for creating quality goods, they decided to combine their talents and knowledge to establish a business that offered handcrafted products at a fair and accessible price. This partnership allowed them to transform discarded baseball bats and their love for leather working into a range of high-quality, reasonably priced items that embody the spirit of creativity and resourcefulness.

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